IP and HD CCTV installers

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IP and HD CCTV installers

HD CCTV installations A 2 megapixel CCTV camera gives you more than 5 times the resolution of a conventional camera. Our HD systems give you get full situation awareness and indisputable detail leading to the best evidence available.

With 1 camera doing the job of several conventional cameras, this can offer huge savings on installation costs as well as offering increased efficiency when reviewing footage.

EJ Vision’s HDSM technology preserves complete image integrity through visually loss-less compression, while efficiently managing bandwidth and storage. This means you maintain the best image detail possible, while lowering bandwidth and storage costs.

Our state of the art Hybrid systems give you the opportunity to utilise your existing analogue cameras whilst adding HD cameras for high security applications or wider areas.

If you require ANPR, our award winning number plate recognition systems offer unrivalled accuracy of 99% and have the best reputation in this highly specialised field.
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